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The Breakfast Spread

The Breakfast Spread - Beth & Nick
Presented by Beth & Nick
Weekdays 6:00am - 9:00am

The Breakfast Spread is breakfast radio with a devotion to music.

Beth & Nick join you each weekday morning to scratch every musical itch, as they present a full gamut of musical styles, international and community news headlines, specials, gig guides, arts happenings, guests, intimate live performances, member giveaways and a whole lot more.

Monday 8:30am
Hear all the best in free, downloadable content on Free For All with Sarah Occhino.

Tuesday 8:30am
Sovereign Trax energizing decolonisation conversations and community in music with Hannah Donnelly every fortnight.

Wednesday 8:30am
State of the Art highlights diverse issues and incarnations of music-related-arts and arts-related-music with different guests each week.

Thursday 8:00am
Find out what music inspires key players in our community as guest musicians share their favourite tunes and inspirations on Musical Chairs.

Friday 8:30am
Wheels of Steel features guest PBS DJs offering up fresh and funky music all on vinyl to get you rearing for the weekend.

State of the Art – Wed 8:30am

Save the Date exhibition
State of the Art on The Breakfast Spread Wed 13 Dec 2017
Following the announcement of the postal survey results, Save The Date explores the experiences of people from within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Upcoming Guests

Sophie Miles Tue 12 December
Sophie Miles of Mistletone Tue 12 December
Peter Waples-Crowe Wed 13 December

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